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We Create Benefits and Values through information security.

Belue Creative

We are Information Security Professionals

Belue Creative is a professional information security company.

In recent years, the amount of information leakage damage cost goes beyond $630 million. Therefore, we, a group of white hat hackers and ISMS experts, protect the leading companies, universities, and government offices in Japan.

Our mission is to create services, products, and information to customers beyond borders, cultures, and races.

Our Main Product

Secure Package Management (SPM)

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Security Assessments

Our white hat hackers give the best suitable security measures by thoroughly identifying issues and tasks of your information security system.


Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of support from security strategy decision making to security standard certification, as well as training programs. Don’t know where to start? Click for more information.


Security Solutions

At Belue Creative, we also offer tools that helps you with your management tasks. Learn more about our products and how we support you.


Infrastructure Design, Construction, and Operation Support

We provide support from design phase to operation phase. We fortify your server and secure your network through our high level security techniques.


Why Use Our Services?

Information Securitywith Reasonable Pricing

As an independent information security provider, we offer the most advanced security system suitable for our customers at affordable prices.

ISO 27001 (ISMS) Certification Support

ISO 27001 certification is crucial to gain trust from customers. Our two ISO 27001 experts will support the entire process of ISO 27001 certification.

ISMS Registered White Hat Hackers

ISMS judges are known as one of the best white hackers. We protect your vital information from cyber-attacks through our most reliable technology, knowledge, and expertise built over the years.

Our Own AutomatedAssessment Program

We run security assessments through our exclusively developed automated program. By thoroughly analyzing the attacker’s perspective and techniques, we run assessments under a virtual environment; this enables us to detect hidden loopholes within security measures.

24/7 Support & Surveillance

We provide a 24/7 support and surveillance system to protect your information. We have received deep trust from our clients with our prompt correspondence and strict surveillance system. If you find any issues, feel free to reach out to us immediately.

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Since Belue Creative was founded, we have protected information of facilities that are most in need of safety, such as Japan’s leading global companies, critical infrastructures, universities, research institutions, and governmental offices.

  • Secure Package Management (SPM)


  • Network Assessment


  • Web Security Assessment


  • Forensics


  • Penetration Test


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