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Belue Creative, business alliance with Wedge

– Advertising support using social media as a strategic partner –

Belue Creative concluded a business alliance agreement with Wedge Co., Ltd. (CEO: Junki Kawakubo) which provides ad agency business as a strategic partner.

1. Characteristics of both companies

Belue Creative has strengths in the information security and analysis of social media (big data analysis) in IT field, and is developing IT solutions and services utilizing IT.
Meanwhile, Wedge focuses on advertising agency business, and has proven track record for a number of companies including advertisement support, sales of advertisement tools, market research and so on.

2. Background of business alliance

In recent years, Internet advertising in the advertising industry is becoming an important advertising media with growth potential beyond conventional 4 media (television, radio, newspaper, magazine).
In the background, there are factors such as the progress of smartphones, and even users of social media are increasing.
This time, by making the business tie-up with Belue Creative who has a proven track record in social media field and Wedge who has the strength in advertising consulting, we propose the strategic marketing activities utilizing IT and the Internet to advertisers and publishers, and do advertising.

In the future, both companies plan to promote the following collaboration.

(1) Service collaboration
· BirdEye service development collaboration
· Development collaboration and sales of smartphone applications
· Collaboration of information security services

(2) Business cooperation
· Mutual business cooperation at above service sites

【Outline of BirdEye】
BirdEye automatically collects the information posted on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, 2 ch and analyzes it.

【About Wedge Co., Ltd.】
· Company name: Wedge Co., Ltd.
· Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo
· CEO: J. Kawakubo
· Establishment: April 1985
· website:http://www.wedge-inc.co.jp
【About Belue Creative Co., Ltd.】
· Company name: Belue Creative Co., Ltd.
· Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo
· CEO: T. Ohwada
· Establishment: June 2005
· website:https://belue-c.jp/en/