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Started targeted cyber attack diagnosis service

While the security incidents such as information leakage due to targeted attacks are being screamed, the attacks are further complicated and sophisticated, and many organizations and companies are in serious danger. The various countermeasures such as ‘entrance’ countermeasures, ‘exit’ countermeasures and so forth are released cumbersome and extremely troublesome at present.
In our targeted cyber attack diagnosis, we will clarify the security tolerance of the targeted cyber attack on your “target system” and “person” (employee etc.). And we will support optimal security measures according to your organization and system environment.

◆ Steps of targeted cyber attack
① Advance preparation (collection of customer information)
② Attack 1 (attempt of infection)
③ Attack 2 (intrusion, reconnaissance, diffusion, etc.)
④ Information stealing

◆Example of attacks
· SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Mixi, 2ch etc.)
· Messenger system (Skype, LINE, Yahoo, etc.)
· Email
· USB, SD card, CD ROM, etc.