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“ParnaWall” was adopted as Heisei 26th Fiscal Year “Monozukuri, Commercial and Service Innovation Grant”

“ParnaWall” developed by Belue Creative was adopted as a grant project for Heisei 26th Fiscal Year “Monozukuri, Commerce and Service Innovation Subsidies” (https://www.mirasapo.jp/subsidy/18240.html).

“Monozukuri, Commerce, and Service Innovation Grant” is a grant funded by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency aimed at supporting SMEs that conduct innovative service development etc. to create new businesses that respond to domestic and international needs.

“ParnaWall” that we are developing and adopted this time is a system that detects and protects cyber attacks on databases on the cloud that store important information (My number, personal information etc.) managed by government agencies / enterprises.

About the project “ParnaWall” adopted as the “Small Business Administration” Monozukuri, Commercial and Service Innovation Subsidies “:

1) Project plan name:
Development of cloud-type database security “ParnaWall” to detect / defend from cyber attacks

2) Outline of the project plan:
Development of the system that detects and protects databases storing important information (organization number, personal information, etc.) of the organization on the cloud from cyber attacks (SQL injection etc.)

3) Background of the development:
Along with the progress of cloud services, it is becoming mainstream to manage important information and confidential information of the organization in the cloud system environment on the Internet.
However, on the other hand, the cyber attacks against organizations are endless.
So the measures to prevent information leakage incidents that cause huge damage not only to organizations but also to individuals are very important issues for the organization.

4) Outline of the product:
Although the attack methods called “SQL injection” are used for cyber attacks, the countermeasures against those attacks are generally performed by Web application firewall and log audit.
However, these countermeasures can not be implemented on the cloud and can not detect / defend against database attacks.
Therefore, we developed the database security “ParnaWall” specialized for cloud environment ahead of other companies.