Advanced Network Security Assessment

There have been reports of vulnerabilities in Apache Struts and Apache Tomcat. These are used for operating Java, and these vulnerabilities could be exploited by a malicious third person — but it is difficult to detect them through the previous vulnerability assessment.

Moreover, it is not just Apache Struts and Apache Tomcat that have this kind of vulnerabilities – they even exist in web applications, OS, and middleware.

We succeeded in improving our security assessment technology and coming up with an advanced service that allows us to give more extensive, in-depth tests by using our Secure Package Management (SPM) tool.


In our Advanced Network Security Assessment Services, our security engineers conduct pseudo attacks on your OS, services in Middleware, or Web application services to test information security deficiency.

At Belue Creative, we also provide additional service for a more extensive assessment. We use our Secure Package Management (SPM) tool, which tests how secure your packages are.



In addition to assessment services on networks and web applications, we test your middleware services, which are the installed packages on your system for more in-depth testing.



  • Detection of Web applications, OS, or middleware vulnerabilities*
  • Detection of installed package vulnerabilities such as Apache Tomcat and Apache Struts
  • Visualize package vulnerability information (JVN, NVD, CVE)
  • Package update information
  • Visualize risks in packages with vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability management support in PCI DSS correspondence (PCI DSS requirement6.1)


Testing Environment

  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Internet
  • Internetwork
  • IP-VPN


Primary Target Systems

  • Servers (database, DNS, Mail, Web, etc.)
  • Linux
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016
    For customers with a VM environment, we run an assessment on every OS.


Sample report

Our Approach