Remote work security assessment


Due to the spread of COVID-19, numbers of companies started to shift to implement the remote environment to work from home. While companies work on adjusting to the pandemic, there is the risk of information leakage without appropriate security measures on the devices (PC, smartphones, etc.)

The need of understanding security status of telework client devices and taking security
measures has been increasing.



You can improve your security level by implementing appropriate security measures. This service provides security measures based on the CIS benchmark for when your client devices (PC, smartphones, etc.) are stolen or when they are infected with viruses. CIS benchmark was developed by the US government, institutions, and companies as a guideline for security configuration.

Our engineers with rich knowledge and experiences will conduct an assessment on your client devices, depending on your needs.

For a more secure and productive working environment, we encourage you to use our services.

Major Assessment Objects

  • Patch application status
  • Software installation status
  • Critical information leakages status
  • Unauthorized process (possibility of malware infection)
  • Service network status


Assessment Object Details

1. OS information

2. Security patch application information

3. Operating service

  • Open port
  • Operating process information

4. System information

  • Host name, etc.
  • Network information
  • IP/interface information

5. User information

  • System login information
  • User login information

6. FW

  • Access restriction settings

7. Software/files information



Belue Creative’s unique assessment method thoroughly investigates your internal network and client devices.

Our white hackers will prevent possible damages through an attacker’s point of view from their experience and knowledge.


1. Making your life easier

You can have a thorough assessment easily by running a simple program. There is no need for you to show us your PC login information, nor do you need to go through the preparation phase, such as software installation.


2. Information leakage detection service

We will interview on files prohibited for transfer and banned applications and investigate if any of those files or applications exist in remote devices.


3. Reduced stress on your system

We succeeded to reduce the stress on systems during assessments by simplifying the assessment program.


Additional Services

  • Remote Working Security Scaling Services
  • We offer support in scaling a safe, remote working environment.
  • In addition to client device assessment, we provide full support from scaling a safe remote working environment and designing attendance management along with other regulations.