Are your cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP, salesforce) secure?


Cloud services make your job a lot easier. Many companies started to implement the services in recent years as well. However, you may be facing threats due to inadequate platform and application settings of your cloud services.

There are cases where cloud services being outside of your jurisdiction (such as AWS), which may be the cause of information leakage. We recommend you run security assessments on your cloud system regularly to make sure that your information is secure.



We detect risks by visualizing vulnerabilities within your cloud services and evaluate your risk management level. You will receive a list of recommended countermeasures after the assessment.

Compatible cloud services:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • Salesforce


Assessment details

  • Identification of the cloud services
  • Determine if there is any insufficient setting
  • Risk level analysis
  • User identification

We can clarify overlooked security settings by visualizing system dependencies, usage status and administrative status.


1. Assessments by professionals with rich knowledge and experience

2. You will receive a list of recommended security measures

3. We design the assessment according to your needs