Information assets stored in your database might be facing an information leakage threat. Unlike public servers on the internet, databases are designed to allow access from the outside directly. When you think about how many of the cybercriminals are internal, it is necessary to implement proper measures to prevent damages.

In addition to our database security assessment, we provide support in corresponding with domestic and international security standards and help improve your risk management.



We are here to help if you:

  • Are not really aware of the level of security for the database
    →We will test your database and visualize the threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Do not know what kind of security measures to take
    →We will provide security measure recommendations depending on your needs, such as data encryption, access log surveillance, and access restrictions.
  • Do not know how to comply with security standards such as PCI DSS and IT general control.
    →We will establish a business process to correspond with frameworks.


Assessment subjects:

  • Database vulnerability
  • Managemental and operational issues
  • Identify issue locations and create a hierarchy of tasks

The assessment is based on the best strategies for each of the component and the latest security information.


Why use our service?

Our Database Vulnerability Assessment identifies vulnerabilities in not only DBMS but also your database server. You can reduce internal cybercriminal risks by taking appropriate security measures.


Our Approach