Forensics, also known as criminalistics, investigates digital audio and video recordings (electromagnetic recording). It gathers and analyzes the information left on your damaged devices as evidence to make charges against attackers. Surprisingly, the majority of incidents of cybersecurity are internal threats such as information leaks from internal servers and network devices.

Conducting a forensic investigation on your devices will let you obtain proof of information theft or unauthorized access from both the inside and the outside.



We will conduct an interview to narrow down the investigation range and decide on the duration of the investigation. After we back up your data, we will start tracing evidence such as emails, documents, and restored data. We also provide court filing support along with the investigation report.

Testing Examples

  • Data falsification
  • Information leak
  • Embezzlement and kickbacks
  • Security Cases
  • Harassment issues
  • And More


Example of compatible devices

  • Windows, Linux mac
  • iOS, android
  • Various servers
  • Removable disks (USB, external HDD, etc.)



1. A wide variety of devices are testable

2. We design the investigation according to your needs

3. Investigation by a reliable experienced engineer