IoT has spread across as companies began to introduce information technologies to their working environment. As much as this makes work more efficient, you may be facing threats of information leakage and unauthorized access.

The number of cybercrimes has been increasing over the years as cybercriminal continues to evolve and adapt – it is crucial that you run assessments on your servers and PCs regularly.



At Belue-Creative, we provide vulnerability assessments using our unique point of view. We inspect the devices used in your company, as well as password settings and access restriction settings.

Assessment Objects


1. Patch application status

2. Network

  • IPv6
  • Firewall

3. OS

  • File sharing
  • User accounts
  • Password policy
  • Remote desktop
  • SMB
  • Log
  • Software

4. Network service update

5. Anti-virus installation and update status

6. Other configurations

7. Password cracking

8. Malware investigation



    1. Assessment by an experienced engineer

    2. Assessment on a wide range of assessment objects

    3. Detailed explanation on assessment objects

    4. Vulnerability evaluation and provide specific solution