PCI DSS Compliance and Assessment Support (AV scan, penetration test)


In this digital world, how efficient you can research and analyze logs is essential for your business’s prepotency. Logs are like treasure boxes for IT operation, security, business analysis, and IoT.



We investigate your security policy from logs such as network devices. By clarifying server access status and network usage status, you will not only understand your log security stats but also lets you improve your further security planning.

Other Inspection Subjects

Clarification of traffic and access (login) status

  • When, from where, and to which servers/nodes?
  • Specification of the service and the access frequency
  • Who and when logs in to the server with root access?
    (Unauthorized access, attacks, frequency of service usage, network usage duration, network traffic date/time, unauthorized communication outside of business hours)
  • We consult security standards such as ANS, CIS, NIST, and IPA

We will implement the assessment after consulting details such as range, contents, and methods, with the client.

Our Approach