Detects your system strength by conducting pseudo attacks from an attacker’s viewpoint.


As companies continue to implement information technologies to their working environment, cybercriminals have been developing, and their target range has been expanding. Understanding the information security of your company and adapting to evolving cyberattack has become more crucial. It is necessary to investigate possible cyberattack methods and loopholes from an attacker’s viewpoint.


Our experienced security engineers will conduct a pseudo attack to check your system safety, such as inadequate measures and insufficient settings. Visualizing your system vulnerability lets you improve your company’s security level.

We will first plan the penetration testing scenario depending on your needs. After the testing, we will provide recommended resolutions at the briefing conference, which will help you with your further security management.

  1. Get an understanding of your system status and configuration status
  2. Attempt intrusions from the detected vulnerabilities
  3. Recommend resolutions at the briefing



1. We conduct penetration test based on your needs

2. Pragmatic testing by experienced white hackers

3. Effective resolution recommendations