We diagnose and identify security issues on smartphone applications and servers.


As more and more companies use smartphones for work, insecure applications have become a problem. Sometimes, applications come with malware already built inside, and this malware exploits smartphones, stealing confidential information. To protect your smartphones and information, you must take appropriate security measures.


Assessment Details

This service provides diagnosis on generated files and connections by operating an application on the smartphone. As an assessment method, we run analysis and investigation on the induced files and configuration files and examine the accessibility of the information from another application.

By recognizing the problems with smartphone applications, you will be able to take appropriate measures quickly when incidents occur.

You can also improve the value-added applications by requesting diagnostics and implementation from a professional.



STEP1: Comprehend the application characteristics and clarify of the assessment range

STEP2: Run a manual security assessment on smartphone applications

STEP3: Diagnosis and analysis report


Primary Assessment Subjects

Smartphone Application (client-side)

  • Symbol processing
  • Source code obfuscation
  • Contents encryption
  • Swizzling Attacks
  • Application alternation by Checksum
  • Self-repairment of alternated applications
  • Automatic termination on alternated applications
  • Warning dialog to alternated applications
  • Jailbreak and rooting detection
  • Debugging mode detection
  • Application decryption tool detection
  • Insufficiency in authentication
  • Insufficiency in application settings


Additional services

  • Smart application source code review
  • Smartphone application device diagnostics


Our Approach