One of the important ways to secure your working environment is to have your workers understand and pursue information security – however, it is not easy.


So how will you do it?

The answer is – education.

Your company will be more secured by educating each employee to understand and raise awareness about information security.

At Belue Creative, we provide education services as one of our consulting services.



In order to conduct our education services, we will first assist you with making your company’s information security policy. Then, we will hold a seminar to specify their tasks and methods on security.

*we will adjust the curriculum according to your needs

Curriculum example:

1. Basics

  • Importance of information security
  • Case studies
  • Guidelines and policies

2. Basics in Information Security Management

  • Security management
  • Policies
  • Management system, management subjects

3. Security Management Procedure

  • Basic concept
  • Human factors
  • Physical factors
  • Technical factors
  • Incident management

4. Security Engineer Training Program

  • Technical lecture to maintain security levels