Understanding the risks and building a better security


As more and more companies started implementing information technology in their working environments, your confidential information is always facing possible cyber threats. To protect your company from evolving cybercriminals, you must design systems with adequate security.


Our security architecture & design review service evaluates your risk level and provide support in improving your security. Understanding your risks lets you have a better picture of what is lacking, which helps you plan better measures to take to improve the security design for a more secure working environment.

We review:

Architecture (documents):

  • Your system plans & requirements
  • Outlines & implementation methodology
  • Details & parameters



  • Settings
  • Implementation composition
  • Parameter files
  • Log
  • Etc.



1. Our knowledgeable and experienced security engineer will conduct the evaluation

2. Integration of methodology, security requirements, and implementations

3. We review and recommend solutions according to your needs