Do you know how secure your information is? Get evaluation from the professionals.


When you consign web application development to a third-party, the security responsibility will not be theirs but yours. In other words, if any vulnerability was found in the application after its release, you will be the one to take responsibility for the damages.

Moreover, even if you were able to find a security insufficiency in the development stage, the duration and the cost will drastically increase.

If you have not formulated your security guidelines such as security requirements, your application may have insufficient access restrictions, and SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

You can prevent these issues before its release by having a professional evaluate your security guideline during your elicitation phase.



We will conduct an interview to evaluate the security requests and requirements depending on your needs, which will allow you to understand the existing threats. You will be able to take measures without having to depend on the third-party and improve your security.


1. An experienced and knowledgeable security engineer will conduct the evaluation

2. We provide recommendation that can also integrate with other specifications

3. It will consolidate security measures for each third-party