Remote Working Environment Development Support​​


COVID-19 has drastically changed the norms in our work life. More and more companies are starting to implement remote working environment. As much as it enabled us to have more freedom in choosing how we work, it has also raised the concern of the information
security of companies.

Without a proper security measures, your remote working devices will always be facing the threats of the critical information of the company being exploited through an unauthorized access or malware infections.

Structure and optimize your remote working environment with an assistance from a security consulting professional?



We assist in structuring your internal network, assessment on client devices, and attendance management and regulations, and we also provide assessment services on your client devices. We will support your remote working environment setup from the technical level to the operational management level.

1. Details

1-1. Technical Level

Vulnerability assessment on the entire remote working system

  • internet connection
  • Eavesdropping and falsification in Wi-Fi connection
  • Safety of connection data (i.e. cipher)


1-2. Additional services

Remote working environment structuring support

  • Client PC: information leak, unauthorized access, unauthorized usage, theft,loss
  • Patch application status
  • Software installation status
  • Critical information security status
  • Unauthorized process (possibility of malware infection)
  • Network service port status


For customers wishing for only client assessments: CLICK HERE


1-3. Servers

Detection of information leakage, unauthorized access, and DoS

  • Known vulnerabilities
  • Insufficient configuration
  • Network service port status


2. Operational Management Level

2-1. Regulation adjustments

Evaluation on the organization’s information security measures and regulations

  • Regulation adjustment status
  • Regulation insufficiency


2-2. Additional services

Assistance in remote working policy documentation (assistance by a lawyer and a certified social security consultant)

  • Helping remote workers understand information security literacy
  • Education services for managers and staffs
  • Working environment
  • Regulation adjustment status
  • Regulation insufficiency




1. Less Workload, Easy Assessment

The assessment can be conducted just by running a simple program; unlike our previous host assessment service, there is no need for you to present the login information, nor do you need to go through the software installation process.


2. Examination on information transferring status

We will conduct an interview to determine whether restricted information is unlawfully transferred, or if a prohibited application is installed.


3. Less System Load

Because our assessment can be done by just running a simple program, there is no need for you to worry about having a big system load throughout the process.