Secure Package Management is our own security solution services that visualizes vulnerabilities in your information security and make your life easier.


What’s SPM?

The challenges and feedbacks from our customers in web application and network assessment services created Secure Package Management (SPM), You can easily investigate the vulnerabilities in your server packages just by running a simple program.

To provide service best suitable for your needs, we offer SPM and SPM Pro. CLICK HERE for the service comparison.

Cyber threats have been increasing in recent years, and many companies are facing damages such as unauthorized access to their systems; it became common for companies to run assessments periodically to keep on track and improve their cybersecurity. However, because old school assessments required the engineers to create artificial traffic, having a system load was inevitable.

Moreover, we had to ask our customers to give us their administrator login info, to stop surveillance functions, and to build a testing environment.

Why choose SPM?

  • Login information not needed
  • No system loads
  • Can test vulnerability in server packages unlike the other vulnerability assessments
  • No preparation tasks prior to the assessment

We test your:

  • OS information
  • Security patch application status
  • Service information (For SPM Pro)
  • System information (For SPM Pro)
  • Job/Task (For SPM Pro)
  • Other


PRICE Spot: ¥100,000/host (contact us for monthly price) Spot: ¥200,000/host (contact us for monthly price)
  • OS information
  • Security patch application status
  • OS information
  • Security patch application status
  • Open ports (TCP&UDP)
  • System information
  • Network information
  • Interface information
  • Routing information
  • Scheduling tasks
  • User information
  • Account information
  • System login information
  • User login information
  • Access restriction
おすすめのお客様 Server package vulnerability assessment only Server package vulnerability assessment + comprehensive assessment on system, user, firewall information and access restriction, etc.
  • Windows Server 2012R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7
  • CentOS 6/7
  • Amazon Linux
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