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Belue Creative, Information Security Services, Information security management

Information Security Services

Corporate information assets are further threatened by cyber-attacks with sophisticated attack methods. So the countermeasures for those attacks are required.
We will provide the development support for safe information system and secure service to protect customer’s information assets from daily found vulnerabilities (information system defects) and day-to-day evolving attacks.
Among many security solutions, you can acquire a secure information system with certain level of security by introducing them.
However, it is not uncommon that vulnerabilities are already mixed before the information system is released (before the production system is in operation), and security measures that you have introduced are not functioning properly. We will provide the security support from the design stage to the release and operation of information system. We will also provide security support from the security diagnosis to the operation of the existing information systems.

Information Security Solutions

Attacks on Web applications are increasing steadily day by day. In enterprises and organizations, the information security measures for web applications are mandatory for providing contents using the Web, providing information, and providing EC services.
Failure to take security measures for Web applications may result in the leakage of personal information, loss of opportunity due to service stop attack, or loss of credibility due to Web page tampering.
As its own solution Belue Creative offers “ParnaWall” which defends and detects SQL injection attack. And NMAP Reporter will reduce your workload drastically to analyze NMAP port scan log and making your own security report.

Design, Construction, Operation of Server/Network

We provide services from design to introduction and operation of IT infrastructure. Especially we will provide secure networks of secured servers with a high level of security.

  • Proposal and design of the server/ network
  • Construction of server/ network
  • Firewall (CheckPoint, Cisco, Juniper)
  • WAF
  • E-mail server
  • Web server
  • DNS server
  • Active Directory
  • VMware
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS, etc.