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Implement security measures suitable for IPv6.​

Diagnoses problems (Vulnerability: Service stop attack, inadequacy of authentication function, setting to weaken security, poor access control, etc.) of information security inherent in the target system’s OS and middleware services via the network by executing diagnosis of IPv6 specific ICMPv6 and service command of IPv6.

In this diagnosis, the security status of the information system including visual deficiencies of the security defense function on the network system is visualized by diagnosing the customer’s information system from observation points on various different networks. This not only makes it possible to clarify the point of the security countermeasure including the network system and the vulnerability that should be undertaken immediately, it is easy to plan the security measures to be started in the future in stages. Also it corresponds to the security standard of PCI DSS、CIS、NIST etc.

Two types of diagnosis menu are available, the tool-based diagnosis “Web Lite service”, and the diagnosis by tool and manual “Web Heavy service”. And there are remote and on-site diagnostic methods depending on the source of the diagnostic PC.

Following shows the image of IPv6 security diagnostic.

IPv6 security diagnosis

Following shows the flow of services.

IPv6 security diagnosis