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Analyzes logs output by various servers and network equipments.

By analyzing logs diversely, you can grasp not only the attacker but also the usage trend of the corporate or organization’s network.​

Also, by clarifying the login status of the server, it is useful for finding fraudulent use and formulating a security plan for the server. ​

We will investigate organizational security policy violations from logs of various servers, network devices, etc., or clarify the status of compliance with security policy. Furthermore, by analyzing logs diversely, we clarify the server access situation of the organization and the network usage situation etc. These help you not only for grasping the status of existing systems, but also for predicting attack signs, and planning and formulating the measures plan.

Following shows the image of Log Analysis Service.

Log Analysis Service

Following are other inspection item examples.

Clarify traffic or access (login) situation

  • When, where, and which server / node attacked?​
  • How many services are accessed?
  • When and who logged into the server with administrator privileges?
  • Unauthorized access, attack, service use frequency, network use time, network congestion date / time, unauthorized communication outside business hours, login etc.

The details of diagnosis (scope, contents, method, etc.) will be carried out after consultation with customers.

Following shows the flow of services.

Log Analysis Service