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Diagnose and point out problems on the network in the system.​​

Diagnose problems on inherent information security (Vulnerability: Service suspension attack, Inadequate authentication function, setting to weaken security, inadequate access control, etc.) in the target system OS and middleware service, etc.​

In this diagnose, by diagnosing the customers’ information systems from observation points on various different networks, improper implementation of security protection function on network system will be visualized by security status of concerned information system. By doing this, the network system should undertake including security measures involved and should start immediately not only to make it clear a passage of vulnerability, but also planning security measures undertaken step by step will be easy from now on.
Also it corresponds to the security standard of PCI DSS、CIS、NIST etc.

The diagnostic menu is two types, tool-based diagnosis 「NW Lite Service」and diagnosis by tool and manual 「NW Heavy service」. Also we provide a diagnostic method of on-site and remote depending on the source of diagnostic PC.

Following is the image of the network vulnerability diagnosis.

Network Vulnerability Diagnosis

Following are main scan items.

  • Port Scan
  • ICMP Scan
  • OS Version Scan
  • Operation Service Version
  • Behavior of Operational Services
  • Access Control
  • Certification Strength(default account, easy to guess account)
  • Web Service Behavior
  • Encryption (SSL)
  • FQDN
  • Behavior of Special Applications

Following options are available.

  • IPv6
  • Service Stop Attack
  • Brute Force (authentication tolerance)
  • Host System Diagnostics (security strength and inadequate setting, etc. of the system.)
  • Performance Measurement(measure the processing capability of server and application over network)
  • Nmap Reporter Free (report creation tool for NMAP port scan)

Following shows the flow of the services.

Network Vulnerability Diagnosis