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For easier security scan

Everyone can easily scan the security of servers, PCs and network devices on the organization’s network. Since the security scanning starts automatically, any special knowledge is not necessary. You just proceed according to the procedure after activating security scan dedicated equipment.
It enables you to visualize malicious terminals on the network of the organization and operation services such as servers and PCs on the network. In addition, you can grasp the services used by the organization’s network as a whole and the system location where security strength is weak.

Following shows the image of Security-Mini Scan Service.

Security-Mini Scan Service

Following are main scan items.

  • Port Scan (TCP:1 – 65535, UDP: Optional Port)
  • OS Scan
  • Service Scan
  • Web Service Scan
  • Unauthorized Terminal Detection
  • Access Control

Following optional menus are available.

  • Briefing Session
  • Network Vulnerability Diagnosis
  • Web Application Vulnerability Diagnosis
  • Brute Force (authentication tolerance)
  • Host System Diagnostics (security strength and inadequate setting, etc. of the system.)
  • Performance Measurement (measure the processing capability of server and application over network)