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Diagnose and point out security problems in smartphone applications and servers​

Diagnose vulnerability on the smartphone’s client side (smartphone applications and terminals) and smartphone server side.

Detected vulnerabilities are reported along with improvement measures. Smartphone application vulnerability diagnosis diagnoses the target application, security strength of system and the existence of vulnerability etc.

Following are the main diagnostic items : Smartphone application (client side)

  • Handle symbol name or not
  • Obfuscation of source code
  • Content encryption
  • Swizzling Attack countermeasure
  • Detecting application remodeling by checksum
  • Self-healing of remodeling applications
  • Auto terminate remodeling application
  • Warning dialog to remodeling application
  • Detection of Jailbreak / Rooting
  • Detect debug mode
  • Detect application code decryption tool
  • Inadequate authentication relationship
  • Inappropriate setting of application

Following optional menu are available.

  • Smart application source code review
  • Smartphone application terminal diagnosis

Following shows the flow of the services.

Smartphone application vulnerability diagnosis