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Increasing the need for the social media measures.​

Twitter, Facebook and other SNS sites, bulletin boards and blogs are available in a variety of ways, and users using them are steadily increasing all over the world.

Because of its high diffusibility, immediacy and interactivity of information on the Internet, these social media are being used not only by individuals but also by companies. On the other hand, the social media is a new risk to businesses.

Something that the employee casually posted on an individual’s point of carelessly may cause flames. Also, the confidential company information may be written to lose credibility of the company, or it may affect the stock price.

Following shows the image of the social media information leakage diagnosis

Social media information leakage diagnosis

Following are the main target social sites.

  • Twitter, Facebook, Blog etc.

Following shows the flow of the services.

Social media information leakage diagnosis